Monday, October 8, 2012

Yankees METS Dodgers......

The BIG MUST HAVE piece of the moment, "The baseball jacket"

Like any jean, short, skirt or cardigan, this piece is just perfect for any occasion... this jacket has the capacity to be endlessly reinvented. From cropped styles to organza fabrics, from work wear to clubbing, this silhouette is EVERYWHERE now.
Just make sure it’s adorned with the rib trims and the front zipper and you are READY to pull off your daily favorite look combine with this "IT" jacket.
It really is in every runway, in every store; from designer’s stores to Forever21 to H&M, it is also in everyone’s closet and in every price range so it’s affordable for everyone.
In many of the runways we observed the jacket made from rich materials like quilted silks, car-finish leather, or multi-colored guipure lace.
Lady’s & Gentlemen’s go out and get yours… this trend is ON and trust me it will stay around for a quite bit... But make sure you are one of the first one to pull it off… you are going to look HOT!!!!!
I got to be honest, I personally LOVE this look!! I own one and everywhere I go I take it with me... not long ago I went on a work trip and I flipped when so many people complemented my look, it truly goes well with anything...
I had on navy skinny slacks, white shirt and super high heels and off course my Baseball Jacket… I rocked the look!
I hope to see all of you wearing it.!!
Much love

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