Thursday, February 23, 2012

White Butterfly

so, this is basically what I do and love... Design.
I created this design a couple of years ago...
it was supposed to be the perfect "wedding" dress...
re-usable and fun! not only get married in it... use it for the weekends or whenever you want too!

Design: by Allison Wilman
Collection: Spring 2011 "Mariposas"

"By enjoying who you are, you bring out the best you can be.
When you enjoy what you're doing, what you're doing will
create great value.
Enjoyment is not a certain, pre-defined set of
circumstances. Enjoyment is a choice."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


NYC sweets and bakeries OMG so delicious and inspiring... you step in a bakery and you feel like eating a little piece of everything... check this cupcakes out so tiny you can have 20 and not regret it! <3 LOVE IT!


this Artist is a pure demonstration of why I LOVE Art, FASHION and Illustration.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Yes one of the best evolving Jewelry Designers I know at the momento A.K.A my sis~

CHECK HER OUT!!! her stuff is just stunning!

Yummy Yummy

Craving an A M A Z I N G tasty cake?
OMG this is a MUST TRY Ily's cakes.... Cake designer ILY does an incredibly work decorating cakes... and the taste is just perfectly delicious

Web Page:



Take a look at this Lady's Work from Valencia Spain!
She is just awesome!! <3

Begona Lagaron 

Belaba (web)

Spring thing


good fashion, good colors
Welcome Spring! (early)