Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Miami swim show

A journey full of colors, prints, and great ideas... I had the opportunity to visit the miami swim show yesterday (July 23rd) and honestly I have to say that it was MARVELOUS....
I loved everything about it, from Jantzen the typical American brand with cute and stylish shapes, to Agua bendita Colombian brand that's beautiful worked with beading and very creative prints and patch work, to Siyu a Spanish swim collection which had awesome prints (they make their own prints) and fabrication in their pieces which I have to say one of the best hand feel I saw all around the show. I loved the fact that I saw so many different styles and new silhouettes, I'm excited and ready to try them all... :)
What caught my eye was the amount of cut outs, bows and stripes I saw, VERY nautical, sexy and flirty. LOOOOVE IT!!
There is a lot of newness in the swim wear industry for this upcoming season so I say stay tune with me because I will be bringing lots of inspiration and cute pieces for you to be in style at any beach/pool party, vacation or just relax moment at the pool deck you decide to have in the next couple of month....
Love lovelies.... <3
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